Hunan releases implementation plan for “Double Random, One Open” inspections

The Hunan Provincial Government recently released guidelines for effectively implementing a key component of the social credit system, the double random – publication inspections (双随机,一公开).

The government of Hunan has released guidelines outlining plans to implement the “Double Random, One Open” inspection system province-wide.

“Double Random, One Open” (双随机,一公开) is a new market supervision inspection method tightly linked to the social credit system, wherein both the company to be inspected and the inspector are randomly selected (hence “double random”), and the inspection results are openly published (“one open”) in the inspection target’s social credit file.

Hunan is planning to scale up the rollout of its inspection system in three phases:

  • By the end of 2019: Basic Double Random inspection procedures will be in place
  • By the end of 2020: Double Random inspections will be full integrated into market supervision
  • Over the following 3-5 years: the Double Random system will be refined and further improved

“Double Random, One Open” isn’t limited to Hunan: the inspection method set to become a nationwide standard in market supervision over the next half-decade.

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We cover the basics of Double Random, One Open inspections in our report, Understanding China’s Social Credit System.

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