Wenzhou, Zhejiang to create a credit system for scientific research

The Wenzhou Bureau of Science and Technology (市科技局) will implement a grading and blacklisting system to clamp down on scientific research fraud.

Wenzhou City in Zhejiang Province will implement a social credit-based evaluation and scoring system to clamp down on scientific research fraud. 

The Municipal Bureau of Science and Technology (市科技局) will record the credit information of participants, evaluators and managers of scientific research.

The system will have four levels of credit: A, B, C and D. Actions that will land researchers a score of C or D include bribery, fraud, plagiarism, tampering with data, and misuse of funds. 

The municipal administrative department will give warnings, notices or project suspensions depending on the seriousness of the circumstances. In particularly serious cases, the untrustworthy entity will be disqualified from applying for various national and provincial science and technology grants and awards for the following 5 years.

Entities with high levels of trustworthiness will be given priority status and support for various activities such as resource allocation, project establishment, grant and award distribution, and entrepreneurial endeavors.

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