We help companies and governments understand China’s emerging social credit system.

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Trivium conducts extensive, ongoing research on the policies, technologies, and people behind China’s social credit system.

We provide evidence-based insights that draw on Chinese-language primary source documents to deepen global understanding of social credit’s present and future impacts.

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Corporate Social Credit System Report

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In-depth briefings

We help compliance and government relations teams get up to speed on what social credit is, how it works, and how to think it through.

Policy tracking

We follow the latest developments in social credit policy to illuminate more answers on specific aspects of the social credit system.

Policy research

We undertake bespoke, deep-dive research on specific elements of the social credit system for companies and public sector institutions.

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Trivium Social Credit is produced by the Beijing-based policy intelligence firm Trivium China.

Headquartered in Beijing with offices in Shanghai, DC, and London, Trivium serves investors, companies, and governments with operations in Asia Pacific.

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